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Private California VIP Tour

There is no better way to discover the Sunshine State than like a Hollywood star, in a luxurious car and with a private tour guide. In the hot summer days, there is no better feeling than driving in a 1970s Classic Convertible, exploring Los Angeles from a comfortable and stylish leather seat. You guessed it: our California vip tours are customized experiences made to impress. 

We throw traditional travel out of the window to feature the best of LA from a different perspective. Forget hop-on buses or long lines stuck in traffic. We do the worrying and you can sit back, looking at Los Angeles from our luxury vehicles.This city will surprise you. 

Indeed, the city of angels is more than the Hollywood sign on a hill or the Los Angeles beaches near Santa Monica. Thanks to our private California VIP tours, you will get Insta-worthy pictures and an exclusive tour in one of our classic and unique cars. There is an option for everyone and the memories will never fade.

Discover Los Angeles with a private tour guide 

The highlights of our experiences are also the highlights of the city, or known as “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Porciúncula.” Or the Big Orange, City of Flowers, and LA LA Land. You don’t need a map because our California VIP Tours have a private tour guide, even the Express LA option. So, what are we going to see? 

The iconic locations

Because you can’t go to Los Angeles and not visit these landmarks: 

  • Of course, the Hollywood sign. However, in 1923, you would have seen “Hollywoodland,” a sign with over 4,000 bulbs that illuminated it. Until 1978, when the sign underwent a remodeling, worth a quarter-million dollars. That’s the one you will get to see, walking down a secret path to enjoy the view over the Californian hills. But don’t worry: you won’t hike. Still, make sure to wear your glamorous and comfortable shoes. 
  • You are a VIP in Los Angeles, so you can’t miss the Walk of Fame with over 2675 stars. You can take your time browsing the names that have made the history of this city. The nostalgic in you will love the Backstreet Boys one, while the movie lovers will enjoy Kevin Costner’s. Have you ever heard of the Chicagoan band Earth, Wind & Fire? Well, they too got a Walk of Fame star. Should we add them to our playlist?

Welcome to Beverly Hills 

  • The best way to explore exclusive Beverly Hills is with a California VIP tour. Even better, with the Classic Car experience. This 90210 neighborhood is made of beautiful houses, hip restaurants, and elegant cafès. This is the epicenter of luxury and you will pass by mansions and vintage hotels. Make sure you don’t miss the art galleries, like Mouche Gallery with a collection of contemporary photography, including shots of Audrey Hepburn. 
  • There is no private California VIP tour without a walk down Rodeo Drive, known to locals as “roh-DAY-oh.” Its name can be deceiving but there are no cowboys here -not anymore. The natives called this area of Los Angeles the Gathering of the Waters or, in Spanish, “El Rodeo de las Aguas” thanks to its abundant water sources. Nowadays, this road is the mecca of shopping with over 100 stores, including Chanel and Dior. 
  • After luxurious Beverly Hills, our California VIP tours take you to Santa Monica or Venice to breathe in the salty air of the ocean. Here, you can take time to relax in a coffee shop, sipping a latte while looking at joggers and dog walkers. You can also stroll along Abbot Kinney Blvd, named “The Coolest Block in America” by GQ Magazine. 

Our experiences also take you to downtown Los Angeles, where you can enjoy rooftop views of the city, stroll through the parks, and get a delicious iced coffee. For more breathtaking views, you can also stop by the Los Angeles State Historic Park, a 32-acres green paradise next to Chinatown. Choosing to enjoy California tours with a tour guide means you can also customize your experience, tailoring every moment to your needs. 

See something you like on the road? It’s time to stop the Cadillac Convertible and enjoy Los Angeles. 

Add-ons for your tour 

You can be a shopping addict, an art lover, or a foodie. The good news is: the city has something for you. And our Private California VIP tours can make it happen. 

Fill those shopping bags 

No doubt, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is the mecca of luxury shopping since you can find brands like Louis Vuitton and Cartier. However, if you are looking for boutiques, Venice Beach is the right place for you, especially Abbot Kinney. The perfect place to shop for a souvenir is Burro, where you can find cards, candles, and artisanal jewelry. If you are looking for accessories, you can’t miss TOMS, where you can find shoes and eyewear. Finally, Lust Covet Desire (LCV) features avant-garde and minimalist fashion. You can create a whole outfit.

For the art lovers 

Beverly Hills has tons of art galleries, some even featuring modern, international artists. However, in downtown Los Angeles you can explore The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) with collections that feature names like Berenice Abbott and Ansel Adams. Downtown also features the Art District with its famous Art Walk. Here, you can find galleries for all tastes, the Fine Arts Building, and the Blue Bottle Cafe for a break. 

Foodies, raise your hand

Every neighborhood of Los Angeles has its hips coffee shops and gourmet restaurants. The perfect spot for brunch in downtown LA is Zinc Cafe & Market, served until 2pm during the weekends. In Beverly Hills, the Cabana Cafe of the BH Hotel offers delicious al fresco dining with a focus on healthy food, like the McCarthy salad with avocado and bacon. To satisfy your sweet tooth in Santa Monica, you can’t miss B Sweet Dessert Bar and its flavored puddings, seasonal like the pumpkin one for Halloween.

The bonus tips 

There is also something you can’t miss, no matter your preferences. The bonus tip for you is: Venice Beach lights up during Christmas time. It’s the BOLD Holidays program with performances, pop-ups, and shows right by the ocean. Thanks to the mild Los Angeles weather, you will be able to enjoy the convertibles of our Classic Car Tour even in December. 

The Festival of Books happens every April at the USC campus. It’s the largest festival of its kind in the US and it features meetings with the authors as well as book signings. You can go from books to movies with our Private California VIP tour dedicated to Marylin Monroe. We will see her house in Beverly Hills, her beloved Santa Monica Pier, and Maylin’s star in the Walk of Fame. Perhaps we’ll even see her ghost, watching people from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the actress’s favorite suite. 

After you have explored Los Angeles with our unique experiences, it’s time to discover what’s outside the bustling city. For example, you can’t miss our private and guided day trips to San Diego or Malibu. It doesn’t matter your preference, it’s always the right time to choose a California vip tour. 

Why a private tour?

The benefits of choosing this travel mode are endless. And the guarantee is that you will always have fun. Here are all the advantages for you and your group: 

  • Private means luxurious and customizable. Tell us what you like and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. 
  • We can pick you up where you prefer, even at your hotel. It doesn’t get more comfortable. 
  • Discreet luxury vehicles if you prefer to explore without attracting attention. Like a true Hollywood star.
  • Classic American cars to attract attention and do Los Angeles in style, perhaps in a convertible.
  • Your own professional tour guide, an expert in anything and everything LA. 
  • Choose your starting time. So, if you need to sleep in after a night out in downtown LA, we understand. 
  • We promise to take your group photos, not blurry and worthy of a picture frame. Smiles, pose, flash.
  • We accommodate mobility issues, as long as you let us know in advance. This way, no one has to give up on a California tour with a tour guide. 
  • We look at the details. That’s how we make sure your magic moments happen. After all, you are on holiday and it’s time to relax. Leave the worrying to us. 

Are these tours suitable for everyone? Absolutely, they are also children-friendly. So, families are welcome to join us and jump in their child seats. So are couples and groups of friends. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and your camera: you never know what’s behind the corner. This is LA LA Land and everything is possible here. 

But it’s not possible to lick frogs or toads. Did you know? In Los Angeles, a law prohibits this behavior because the skin can contain hallucinogens. Better to stay away from frogs and just enjoy the City of Flowers, one tour at a time.

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