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Life Hacking in 2020

Have you ever thought about hacking your life? Finding ways to make life a bit happier and less stressful? Life can be very complicated. To make our lives easier, we are continually looking for the best ways to navigate the complexities.

Each of us, trying to make sense of our world, faces inevitable questions:

  • Where did we come from?
  • What is our purpose?
  • Where do we go when we die?

These questions aren’t easy to answer. There were no classes in school teaching us how to figure it out. We need to make up our own mind as we walk our individual path. Sometimes this can feel a bit of a burden. Life can get pretty complicated at times. But fortunately, there are ways to bring excitement and joy into our lives and lighten the load a little bit.

There are lots of different tricks and tips to get through life’s journey as a winner. These are known as life hacks. This article will focus on the most powerful and ultimate #lifehack of all… TRAVEL!

Travel is an excellent way to induce happiness, relaxation and to reduce stress. If you have traveled to any extent, then you will probably agree with us.

Transformational Possibilities

Travelling isn’t just about the physical journey of going to new places. There is also an internal adventure that takes place. Seeing new countries and experiencing different environments and cultures, meeting locals and trying new food are great experiences that have the power to transform us on some level. We taste the outer physical world, while our inner personalities change as well.

In short, travel is a transformational process. When we travel, we are consistently challenging stubborn opinions and changing negative mindsets. Traveling exposes us to alternative ways of living and provides fresh encounters that can shake up our old brain patterns and help us to perceive reality in a new light. New experiences teach us to think in ways we are not used to and change our perception of life. We respond to unusual or difficult events with a fresh outlook.

Traveling stands alone as one of the greatest life hacks of all time. However, there is a possibility of experiencing travel as an escape from being YOU. That is not what we want to achieve. Travel should enrich and enhance your personality, not provide an escape from yourself.

The Ultimate Life Hack

Take a step outside of your life and try to look at it from a different perspective. Consider these questions:

  • Are you happy?
  • What is it you feel you need to become content?
  • What experience would make your life feel whole?

Surely it’s not just money or material things? We know that feeling comfortable can certainly help. However, purchasing the newest fashion trends, devices, properties or beauty products cannot increase our happiness on a fundamental level.

That’s where travel comes in. Travel experiences not only make you happier, but they also decrease stress and depression, psychological problems and can help ease family issues. The therapeutic benefits of travel are widely known and can have far-reaching and positive effects on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Conscious Travel

Here at Classic Experiences, we create conscious travel. We use the term, ‘conscious travel’ to express the idea of mindful exploration to enhance your life experience and wellbeing. We love helping people create their ultimate trip, and we actively encourage their adventurous nature.

If you tend to be really conservative in your travel preferences, then this approach might not work for you. In which case, you can continue lounging in a hammock on the beach.

But, if you crave spontaneity and are ready to test an unfamiliar experience with zero expectations, then this might just be the life hack for you.

We can create a micro-adventure for you – combining the therapeutic benefits of conscious travel while customizing the experience to match your specific needs and budget.

So, we invite you to travel in a new way and experience something different – and subsequently improve your wellbeing and future.

Conscious travel truly is the ultimate life hack experience.

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