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Explore “Hollywood” with Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour

Explore “Hollywood” with Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour

For the past 70 years, iconic film star Marilyn Monroe has been a symbol of all that is glamorous about Hollywood. To honor her time in the City of Angels, a unique tour of the iconic sights, landmarks, and memories of Marilyn Monroe is now available with Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour. This fantastic exploration into the life of the legendary actress gives visitors the chance to uncover the secrets of Old Hollywood, trace her steps through Tinseltown, and find the magic of LA through her unique perspective.

Unlock the Secrets of Old Hollywood on Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour

On Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour, you will step back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood as you deck yourself out in vintage style and experience Los Angeles like you never have before. You’ll begin at the gorgeous Hotel Ambassador where Marilyn got her start, and visit some of the most iconic places she was known to frequent, such as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Villa Capri, and Schwab’s Drug Store. You’ll also view the stunning sights of LA, including the Hollywood Sign, and visit the cemetery where Marilyn was laid to rest.

marilyn monroe's house in brentwood

Trace the Iconic Actress’s Steps through Tinseltown

As you explore the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe on her Los Angeles tour, you’ll get to follow her steps through Tinseltown as you learn about her career, her Triumphs, and her tragedies. You’ll also get an insider’s look at all the places her acquaintances used to hang out at, as well as the local hotspots she was known to frequent. Along the way, you’ll be given fascinating stories about the star including her time in New York and London, her marriages, and her relationships with some of the biggest names in show business.

Uncover the Magic of LA through the Eyes of a Hollywood Icon

Through the perspective of Marilyn Monroe, you’ll get to uncover the wistful magic and charm of old Hollywood that she experienced in her heyday. This memorable journey takes you back in time to the City of Angels as it was back then. You’ll be taken to iconic film locations to relive her greatest movie moments, visit her favorite clubs, and peace out at some of her favorite places to grow her legacy in LA.

Get to Know the City of Angels as Seen by an American Sweetheart

As you become immersed into the life of Marilyn Monroe, you’ll get to discover LA as seen by an American sweetheart. You’ll witness the vibrant energy of Hollywood’s night scene, the breathtaking beauty of its fashion industry, the grandeur of its famous mansions, and the energy of its world-famous beaches. Moreover, you’ll gain an understanding of the city Marilyn called home and come to understand why she was so beloved in the City of Angels.

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Embark on a Journey of Exploration with Marilyn Monroe’s Tour of Los Angeles

Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour offers the chance to discover a unique story behind the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles while you visit places associated with the iconic star’s life. This unparalleled exploration provides an unforgettable experience as you uncover the stories that have made Hollywood what it is today. From her first television appearance at the Ambassador Hotel, to the Villa Capri, and even her final resting place, embark on a journey of exploration and experience the city of angels through the eyes of a Hollywood icon.

Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour

Marilyn Monroe’s LA Tour is a unique experience that provides visitors with the chance to uncover the secret stories and locations of the iconic actress’s life in the City of Angels. Trace her steps through Tinseltown and uncover the magic and mystery of LA through the perspective of the American sweetheart. Whether you’re a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe or simply looking to explore the city in an exciting new way, this remarkable tour offers the chance to embark on a journey of exploration and uncover the secrets of Old Hollywood and the vibrant energy of LA.

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