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What Are the Best Lookout Points in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, CA, is an exciting place to visit. From a boundary-pushing food scene, the homes of the stars, and a slew of historic landmarks, the city has something for everyone. Seeing the entire city — or specific sections — from a different perspective helps truly capture the essence of this beautiful area. 

For most, traveling to the best lookout points in Los Angeles should be on every itinerary. Here are some of the best spots in the city. 

Griffith Park

While most may first think of the vast cityscapes, Los Angeles houses some of the country’s finest and most expansive parks. Up in the hills, Griffith Park remains the iconic urban park in the city. Featuring the Los Angeles Zoo and the Autry Museum within its confines, Griffith Park offers visitors a wide range of things to do and see while visiting. 

A true highlight of any private tour in Los Angeles, CA, is the Griffith Observatory. Situated at the top of the park, you can access gorgeous views of the entire city. You can see the Pacific Ocean, the iconic Hollywood Sign, and the bustling hive of Downtown LA. A perfect start or end point for a full day visiting the City of Angels. 

The Getty Center

One gorgeous lookout spot is also one of the top art galleries in the world. The Getty Center features a selection of art pieces, fascinating architecture, and is a beacon for the global art scene. 

You can get amazing views of the city and the surrounding area from different areas around the gallery — including a manicured cactus garden. You can walk through the gorgeous Getty View park for unique looks at the Center, Santa Monica, and downtown. You can also take the tram up to see even more of what makes Los Angeles a great place to visit. 

Runyon Canyon Park

The next amazing lookout point in Los Angeles can be found in West Hollywood — Runyon Canyon Park. Following the 2.7-mile trail through the park leads you to amazing hilltop views of Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, giving you the chance to glimpse one of the busiest spots in the city without having to deal with the frantic traffic. You can also spy some of the local wildlife — along with a few celebrity sightings if you’re lucky — while hiking up to the peak. 

Jerome C. Daniel Overlook

The Hollywood Bowl represents one of the most recognizable amphitheaters in the entire city. If you’re looking for a stunning overhead view of the Bowl, the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook is the place for you. Located by the Mulholland Scenic Parkway and Corridor, this particular overlook provides some breathtaking views of the city at dusk. Visitors can see the shape of the San Fernando Valley, the Hollywood Sign, and Cantina Island off in the distance. 

Angel’s Point

Found within the confines of another of Los Angeles’s finest parks, Angel’s Point has become one of the coolest spots to see the skyline. First opening in 1886, Elysian Parks is one of the oldest urban parks. You can find amazing views of historic Dodger Stadium, Hollywood, and you can check out the Golden State Freeway — without being stuck in traffic. 

See More of Los Angeles With Classic Experiences

Los Angeles offers visitors a little bit of everything when they want to take some time to see the entire city. From driving along Mulholland Drive to reach Jerome C. Daniel Overlook or traveling to the Griffith Park Observatory, you want to see the whole area in a style befitting this historic city. Classic Experiences is more than a sightseeing tour — we help create a memorable and high-class experience for those looking to take in the best lookout points that Los Angeles offers. 

Contact us to learn more about our private tours of Los Angeles and tours of Southern California today. 

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