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The Best Family Restaurants in LA – 2024 Guide

A Culinary Adventure: Exploring the Best Family Restaurants in Los Angeles in 2024

Los Angeles, a city known for its diversity and vibrant culture, offers an incredible array of dining experiences for families of all ages. From trendy eateries to classic favorites, the City of Angels has something to satisfy every palate. In this guide, we’ll explore the best family restaurants in Los Angeles, where you can enjoy delicious food in a welcoming atmosphere while creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Choosing the Best Family Restaurants in LA for You

This was no easy feat as it involved balancing multiple factors to ensure a pleasant dining experience for all ages. Key considerations include a kid-friendly menu with options that cater to younger palates as well as enough variety to satisfy adult tastes. Look for restaurants that offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and perhaps even some entertainment or play areas that can keep children engaged throughout the meal. Accessibility is important too; ample parking and easy stroller access can make the experience smoother for families. Additionally, reading online reviews can provide insight into the service level and how well a restaurant accommodates children, which can be crucial for ensuring that the meal is enjoyable for everyone. Lastly, considering the health and safety measures, especially in areas like cleanliness and food preparation, is vital to ensure a safe dining environment for your family.

Entertainment-Filled Venues

Giggles N’ Hugs

Giggles N' Hugs | Photo by @gigglesnhugs, Facebook
Giggles N’ Hugs | Photo by @gigglesnhugs, Facebook

Located in the Westfield Century City Mall, Giggles N’ Hugs is the ultimate family-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles. This delightful eatery combines a restaurant with an indoor playground, providing entertainment for kids while parents enjoy a meal. The menu offers a variety of kid-friendly options, including pizzas, pastas, and healthy choices. With its dedicated play area, Giggles N’ Hugs is a place where kids can be kids, making it a go-to spot for families.

The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle | Photo by @MagicCastle, Facebook
The Magic Castle | Photo by @MagicCastle, Facebook

The Magic Castle | Video by @magiccastlehotel, Instagram

While The Magic Castle is primarily a private club for magicians, it opens its doors to the public at The Magic Castle’s Palace of Mystery. Featuring a fantastic dinner show suitable for families, the experience combines fine dining with awe-inspiring magic performances – ensuring an unforgettable night for all ages. This is an excellent choice for families looking for a unique and enchanting dining experience in Los Angeles.

 Medieval Times — Buena Park

Horsemanship in the Medieval Times — Buena Park. Photo by @medieval_timesca, Instagram
Horsemanship in the Medieval Times | Photo by @medieval_timesca, Instagram

Medieval Times | Video by @emilygoesplaces and @usa.explores, Instagram

You can’t go wrong with live-action jousting, horsemanship and falconry while a four-course meal is served at this classic dinner theater show. Kids are enthralled by the nights and the audience becomes engaged as they are divided into groups who cheer for one of the knights.

 Pirate Dinner Adventure — Buena Park

 Pirate Dinner Adventure | Photo by Marlena G., Yelp
Pirate Dinner Adventure | Photo by Marlena G., Yelp

If knights and jousting aren’t for your kids, the Pirate Dinner Adventure is right down the street from Medieval Times. A 4-course meal is also offered in combination with a live-action show of a pirates adventure aboard a fully-rigged 18th-century Spanish galleon. Did we also mention that this Spanish Galleon sits in the middle of a 250,000-gallon lagoon? Special characters can include mermaids, a princess, and special Vampirates at Halloween. Yes, they pull out all the stops for this show.

Beetle House LA — Hollywood

Sweeney Beef from Beetle House LA | Photo by @beetlehousela, Instagram
Sweeney Beef from Beetle House LA | Photo by @beetlehousela, Instagram

Is your child is more of a ‘Wednesday Adams’ than an ‘American Girl’? Then this is the spot for you. This Beetlejuice-themed restaurant means all staff are dressed in macabre characters. The variety show has different characters and acts each night. More importantly, the show continues all night so if your family tends to run late, you can catch different parts of the show. If you love restaurants that go the extra mile, the food is also themed – “Sweeny Beef (bloody machete included), and “Edward Burger Hands” to name a few.

 Miceli’s — Universal City

Scampi from Miceli’s Restaurant | Photo:
Scampi from Miceli’s Restaurant | Photo:

To the unsuspecting eye, this Italian restaurant serves pizza and pasta. However, the real stars of this restaurant are the singing waiters. They’re ready to belt out everything from pop tunes, to Disney classics to opera. I wouldn’t put it past them to know a few Broadway songs as well. If it’s your birthday, get ready, because the whole restaurant joins in the song.

Breakfast and Brunch

Sweet Butter Kitchen

The SB Veggie Burger from Sweet Butter Kitchen | Photo by @sweetbutterkitchen, Instagram
The SB Veggie Burger from Sweet Butter Kitchen | Photo by @sweetbutterkitchen, Instagram

For a cozy, family-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles, head to Sweet Butter Kitchen in Sherman Oaks. This charming spot offers a welcoming ambiance and a menu filled with comfort food classics. From pancakes and omelets to sandwiches and salads, Sweet Butter Kitchen serves up dishes that appeal to both adults and kids. Don’t forget to try their baked goods; the pastries are simply divine.

Something for Everyone

The Original Farmers Market

The Orignal Farmer's Markets | Photo:
The Orignal Farmer’s Markets | Photo:

Situated at the corner of Third and Fairfax, The Original Farmers Market has been a beloved culinary hub for Los Angeles families since 1934. This open-air market boasts a diverse range of dining options, making it the perfect place for families with varying tastes. From Mexican tacos to gourmet donuts and authentic barbecue, you can embark on a global food journey without leaving this bustling market. Grab a seat at one of the communal tables and enjoy your meals in the heart of this iconic Los Angeles landmark.

Grand Central Market

RUSH Roll set from SUSHIRUSH, Grand Central Market | Photo by @grandcentralmarketla, Instagram
RUSH Roll set from SUSHIRUSH, Grand Central Market | Photo by @grandcentralmarketla, Instagram

Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles is a vibrant and family-friendly destination that caters to visitors of all ages, including kids. With its bustling atmosphere and an array of food vendors offering a diverse selection of cuisines, there’s something to satisfy every palate, from artisanal treats to classic comfort foods. The market’s open layout and casual dining setup are perfect for families, providing a relaxed environment where children can experience new tastes and cultures. Additionally, the market often hosts family-oriented events and activities that can enrich the visit, making it an engaging experience for both parents and their little ones.

Coastal Views

El Matador Beach Cafe

Nestled along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, El Matador Beach Cafe is a hidden gem that combines scenic ocean views with delectable food. Families can dine on the outdoor patio, enjoying the fresh sea breeze as they indulge in a menu featuring sandwiches, salads, and seafood dishes. After your meal, take a short drive to the nearby El Matador Beach to explore sea caves and tide pools, creating a perfect day out for the family.

Paradise Beach Cove

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Paradise Cove in Malibu is a splendid choice for families looking to spend a day by the sea. This picturesque spot offers a wide sandy beach and a gentle surf that’s perfect for young swimmers. Families can rent beach chairs and umbrellas, making it easy to set up a comfortable base for the day. The on-site café provides a variety of food options that appeal to both children and adults, ensuring everyone is satisfied without the need to leave the beach. With its stunning views, easy access, and family-friendly amenities, Paradise Cove makes for an ideal outing for those wanting to enjoy a relaxed and scenic beach day with their loved ones.

Blue Plate Oysterette

Blue Plate Oysterette | Video by @jamieandaudrey and @jachelinguide_losangeles, Instagram

For families with a taste for seafood, Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica is a top choice. This seafood eatery boasts a relaxed beachy ambiance and a menu featuring fresh oysters, clam chowder, lobster rolls, and other seafood delights. The kids’ menu offers options like fish and chips or macaroni and cheese for younger diners. Enjoy your meal with ocean views and the sound of crashing waves in the background, creating a quintessential Southern California dining experience.

Healthy Options

Café Gratitude

Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich from Café Gratitude | Photo by @cafegratitude, Instagram
Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich from Café Gratitude | Photo by @cafegratitude, Instagram

Café Gratitude offers a unique and health-conscious dining experience for families in Los Angeles. This vegan and plant-based restaurant focuses on nourishing, organic cuisine that’s both delicious and nutritious. The menu features an array of bowls, sandwiches, and vibrant salads, making it a great option for families with dietary preferences or restrictions. While some children may be hesitant about trying vegan food, Café Gratitude’s flavorful offerings often win them over.

Retro-Inspired Options

Mel’s Drive-In

Mel's Drive In | Photo by @melsdrivein, Instagram
Mel’s Drive In | Photo by @melsdrivein, Instagram

For a trip back in time to the classic American diner experience, visit Mel’s Drive-In. This nostalgic eatery, with locations throughout Los Angeles, captures the essence of the 1950s. Families can indulge in burgers, milkshakes, and traditional diner fare while immersing themselves in the vintage decor and music. The friendly service and retro charm make it a hit with both parents and kids.


Habanero Jalapeño Bacon Cheeseburger and Onion Rings from Norm's | Photo by @norms, Instagram
Habanero Jalapeño Bacon Cheeseburger and Onion Rings from Norm’s | Photo by @norms, Instagram

Norm’s Restaurant is a delightful dining spot that combines style and fun, making it a fantastic choice for families with children. Known for its iconic, retro-inspired décor, Norm’s features vibrant colors and a lively atmosphere that captivates both the young and the young at heart. The menu is packed with a variety of kid-friendly options—from pancakes to burgers—ensuring that even the pickiest eaters find something to enjoy. The welcoming staff and quick service enhance the experience, allowing families to enjoy their meals without the wait. With its blend of nostalgic charm and modern flair, Norm’s Restaurant is a hit for a fun, engaging meal out with the kids.

Memories are Best Shared Over Dinner

A remarkable array of family-friendly restaurants are available in Los Angeles, each with its own unique charm and flavors. These restaurants not only serve delicious food but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere where families can come together to share meals, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Despite not being known as a culinary playground for families, Los Angeles’s diverse culture and culinary creativity are celebrated. As you embark on your vacation to Los Angeles, allow one of our expert guides show you around the city on your Private Tour of LA. You and your family can recap the day’s events at one of these great places that will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. So, gather your loved ones and enjoy a delightful journey through the best family restaurants in Los Angeles, where the joy of good food and great company awaits.

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