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Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

Six Coffee Places You Should Not Miss While Visiting LA

At Classic Experiences, we think coffee and comfort are everything. We believe that finding the best coffee shop in LA and booking a private tour of LA in an elegant SUV or a stylish convertible Cadillac is the best way to explore the city.

Since Los Angeles has so much to offer, you need to fuel up before your personal LA tour guide shows you around the city. How? By sipping on a quality espresso or a signature cappuccino

best coffee shop Los Angeles

Here are six best coffee shops in LA you can’t miss if you want to taste the best caffeinated drinks in the City of Angels

1) Alfred Coffee Los Angeles 

One of the most popular coffee shop chains in Los Angeles. With a name like that, you would expect the company to have a 50-year long history and its founder to look like Alfred from Happy Days.

Yet, things are totally different. To begin with, the owner is Joshua Zad, an ex-commercial real estate developer. Second, Alfred only popped up in 2013. Now 17 locations are sprinkled all around LA, and even locations are found in San Francisco, Austin, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The first Alfred Venue that popped up is their coffee shop in Melrose which is characterized by a romantic atmosphere. The building facade is covered by a climbing plant, and right in front of the location, you can spot black & white umbrellas that create a back to Belle epoque effect. 

However, each location presents a different design and a different vibe. No two shops ever look the same. Their dedication to detail, expertly crafted coffees, immaculate and stunning shops are only a few of the reasons why this coffee shop is a must-see when you are in Los Angeles.

Alfred’s most famous drink? Their Iced Vanilla Latte, is made with a double shot of espresso and vanilla milk (nothing synthetic here, the flavor comes from vanilla beans only). If you do not feel like going for it, you can have a premium cappuccino oat instead.

Are you staying for lunch? Then you can have a breakfast burrito made with organic eggs, bacon, tater tots, sweet avocado, and lots of gooey cheese.  

2) Urth Caffè 

Urth has a special place in the hearts of all those who love caffeine. Why? Because its founders are among the pioneers who spread the organic and heirloom coffee culture in the US.

In 1989, Jilla and Shallom Berkman met Jorge (a Peruvian farmer), and started studying the way to roast and brew coffee blends. After that, they decided to go on and open a cafeteria in the Melrose neighborhood. 

In time, their business has gotten bigger, so much that now you can spot Urth venues in every neighborhood. To name just a few, you can find them in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. You can even find their locations in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.

What does Urth mean? It’s the Walsh ancient spelling for the earth. After all, the founders wanted to convey that their products were pesticide-free, and a short word was the best way to do this. 

But Urth is not among the most famous and best coffee shops in Los Angeles and California just because of its history. In fact, many learned about this company when Kylie Jenner started talking about their Green tea boba on Instagram.

If you love boba too, you should try Urth Organic Rising Sun Boba, a caffeine bomb. Among its ingredients, there are matcha tea, espresso, and dark chocolate. If you prefer something plain, you can opt for a Spanish latte, a coffee inspired by Spanish cafeterias. 

3) Go Get Em Tiger 

When you feel the urge for a cup of coffee, your only desire is to drink the best espresso in the city. But what can help you detect which coffee shop truthfully serves top-quality caffeinated drinks?

Reviews on Google are a good tool, yet they are also influenced by people’s moods; thus, they are not trustworthy. And word by mouth works just the same. Our suggestion? Choose one of the best coffee shops in LA created by U.S. Barista Champions.

Go Get Em Tiger, was originally founded by Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski. The owners are both coffee lovers, and they both have a well-proven track record or winning the US Barista championship. Specifically, Kyle was the winner in 2008, while Charles was decreed the best in 2015. Originally, the duo opened a G&B coffee, a pop-up inside Sqirl, and proceeded then proceeded to open a full shop in Grand Central Market in DTLA. Their bar-style service is what set them apart and led to many coffee shops adopting their system. 

People love Go Get Em Tiger because of their creative barista competition-style drinks such as Business & Pleasure. This drink features a split espresso shot followed by a chaser of carbonated hoppy tea and an iced shaken nut milk latte. One of our personal favorites? The Almond and macadamia milk cappuccino. Creamy, rich in taste, and with an exotic flavor, it’s one of those drinks you should not miss. If you’re stopping by at lunch, you should try a GGET burger.

Where to find Go Get Em Tiger? At the moment, there are 8 venues in LA. To name a few, you can find one in Santa Monica, in West Hollywood, and on Hollywood Boulevard.

4) Civil Coffee

Run by siblings Alex and Alan Morales, the creators of Civil Coffee began their love of selling coffee by serving it from the back of their red pickup truck. After travelling southern California for three years, they found their first permanent location in Highland Park.  

Their coffee shop interiors are clean and bright, and this is what makes it so friendly. In particular, as soon as you get to the Highland Park location, you are welcomed by handmade majolica tiles, a wooden counter, and retrò tables. The high ceilings give a beautiful lightness to the atmosphere, and the blue wainscoting set against the walls brings a peaceful and welcoming harmony to the shop.

Civil Coffee offers cold brews, espressos and drip coffees, but they excel in their specialty beverages. If you’d like to taste something unique, you should try Liquid Gold, the food of the gods. It is made with matcha, cashew almond milk, and lavender syrup.

Not a lavender fan? Then we suggest Civil Coffee’s Mocha, which is more traditional. This drink, in fact, features espresso, milk, and handmade ganache cream. 

In addition, Civil Coffee features some intriguing food options that are available from 7 AM to 2 PM. One of the most interesting, in our opinion, is the signature Avo Toast, made with Bub and Grandma’s sourdough, delicious Lebanese cheese, avocado cream, peas, lemon vinaigrette, and mint. You can find their flagship location in Highland Park, with two additional locations in DTLA and Studio City.

5) Endorffeine Coffee shop in Downton LA

In marketing, naming is everything. And since the name of this coffee shop conveys perfectly the chemical effects a cup of espresso has on your body, to us Endorffeine is one step ahead.

Ever heard of the chemical processes caused by coffee? We’ll make it short: when you drink, endorphins are released, and you suddenly feel ready to conquer the world. In a nutshell, there is a scientific reason behind the happiness a beautiful cup of coffee brings. 

But why does this coffee shop make references to science? Because its founder, Jack Benchakul, is an ex-biochemist who has no intention of leaving his past behind. On the contrary, he believes making good coffee is a science. 

The cafè is decorated as if it were a science lab too. As soon as you get in, you’ll find a U-shaped stainless steel counter with a built-in Modbar. If you’d like to watch while the barista creates, you have to be quick because the counter has 9 seats only. Note that it isn’t just any person on staff, it is the founder and owner, Jack Benchakul himself expertly crafting and creating the beverages.

The best drinks? Endorffeine’s vanilla pandan coffee and the palm sugar-whiskey iced latte. If you need an extra boost, you can opt for Thai iced coffee, which features cold brew, Thai spice, and palm sugar.

6) DayGlow Coffee Shop

DayGlow Coffee not only serves up specialty beverages and amazing quality coffee with an-ever rotating roster of roasters, but its online presence and subscription base plays a key role in spreading the coffee culture around the city.

It was late 2017 when Tom Ifregen started bringing independent brewers’ products to the City of Angels. He began by introducing his clients to one variety per month and kept this as a rule. Today, though, customers can choose among 30 different qualities of caffeinated drinks from all over the world. 

Tom always works hard to provide a balanced menu, so typically you will find a 50-50 percentage of American and foreign brewers. 

At Dayglow, you can find anything, from filtered coffee to cold brew and signature drinks. In our opinion, one of their best options is Hotel Chevalier, a signature coffee inspired by Wes Anderson movies made of distilled coffee, coconut cream, fresh lime, mint, and nutmeg. And if you really love coconut, you should try Warhol 2.0 too. This one, specifically, features espresso, fresh coconut, vanilla, spices, and citrus.

You can find their beverages at their two main locations: one in Silver Lake, and in West Hollywood.

7) Maru

Maru, a sleek, minimalistic designed coffee shop provides no distractions to follow through on creating a simple but excellent cup of coffee. The Korean American co-founders Joonmo Kim and Jacob Park named the cafe after the old Korean word for mountaintop, “san ma ru,” inspired by Jacob’s childhood growing up in a mountain temple in Korea

The café’s design emanates tranquility creating a peaceful and harmonious balance between the natural light, wood counters, and concrete flooring. You can enjoy your your cup of coffee and people watching from  while seated at the large communal table or at one of the wooden benches. 

Pastries are made in-house and the menu features their signature coffees such as a spiced cold brew sprinkled with pepper and topped off with a sweet cream. Maru’s second signature coffee beverage is an espresso tonic, consisting of two shots of espresso poured into a cup of Fever Tree tonic – refreshing but may be an acquired taste. Their house-drip coffee is medium full-bodied roast, and provides a strong jump to your morning (or afternoon slump). If you’re looking for a caffeine alterantive, try one of their beverages with Ippodo matcha, an authentic and heavily sought after brand of matcha.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the Arts District, Maru is a beautifully minimalist space, perfect for sipping espresso and clearing one’s head. Their coffee and tea are well executed, not watered down or smothered by sugar. Maru Coffee’s Arts District location is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends.

Honorable Mentions

In Echo Park, head over to Stereoscope. Be prepared to wait as there is usually a line to get into order and sit. The coffee menu can appear quite daunting with the fine print, but not to worry, the staff are excellent at answering questions and helping you find the perfect cup for you. This sleek spot is for coffee snobs who are serious about the quality of their pour-overs. The coffee here is truly fantastic and worth the wait. 

For local coffee shops in Beverly Hills, head over to the Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co. This local cafe is known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee. They offer a wide range of espresso-based drinks, as well as seasonal lattes and cold brews. All their coffee is made with organic, locally sourced beans, making for a unique and delicious cup of coffee in the heart of Beverly Hills

Finally, don’t miss out on Avva Coffee Beverly Hills. This is the perfect spot for a relaxing cup of coffee and a bite to eat. They serve up a variety of espresso-based drinks, as well as smoothies and other unique specialty drinks. They also have a great selection of pastries and snacks, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite or a full meal in Beverly Hills.

Visitors looking to explore the city of Los Angeles should book a private tour with Classic Experiences

Our experienced local guides will show you the best of what L.A. has to offer, from the iconic Hollywood sign to the beautiful beaches of Malibu. We also offer private tours that focus on the best coffee spots and restaurants in the city. So book a tour with us, and experience the great coffee, pastries, and snacks that Beverly Hills and Los Angeles has to offer.

Can’t wait to learn more about Angelino’s habits? Then stay tuned and follow our blog. 

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