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Private Tours of Los Angeles.

At Classic Experiences, we arrange high-quality, escorted private tours of Los Angeles in classic cars and luxury SUVs. Most importantly, we make our clients dreams a reality by orchestrating everything from a big picture to the details. We function as a combination of travel creator-guide-tastemaker, providing ideas, inspirations, arrangements, and local insider tips. Those who have experienced our private tours of LA transformed from simple tourists to co-authors and explorers. During our tours, we inspire travelers and change their perception of the world. 

At Classic Experiences, we also provide luxury concierge services and travel planning in Los Angeles and Southern California. In other words, we collaborate with our clients in submitting ideas and insider tips so they can do everything they want out of their Los Angeles tour and more. At Classic Experiences, we implement an innovative approach in incorporating emotion and wonder into a travel experience. We are not regular travel experts; we are a new generation of travel designers.

What Our Clients Say | Honest Feedback.

5-star rating on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google about our Los Angeles Private Tours.
  •   Thank you so much Alice and Stan!! We had the best time! My boyfriend moved here few months ago and I'm living here for 6 years but even for me... read more

    thumb worldofeszter

      The Best met the Best. Alice and Stan, thank you for the wonderful memories, visiting LA for the first time, not mentioning the US, we needed someone to give us... read more

    thumb FMIGADDE

      We were picked up at the airport and had a private tour of iconic sites and homes before being dropped off at our hotel in West Hollywood. The tour... read more

    thumb CariD0415
  •   Alice and Stan are AMAZING guides! My husband and I had an AWESOME day touring LA! They took us behind the scenes and off the beaten path while allowing us... read more

    thumb Margra F

      My family had the best time on our classic car tour of LA! We have been here many times but had never seen the things our tour guide took... read more


      Stan is a great, classy guy! This really was an awesome experience. Stan and his car are just the best!

  •   Sergio was fun, knowledgable, engaging and extremely professional! My wife and I had a blast. We got picked up at Honor Bar (recommend it!) and dropped off hours later (to... read more


      If there is one thing you will not regret in your LA visit is to book trip with Stan. We had a very short window of couple hours of free... read more

    thumb Satish2001

      My husband and I had a family visiting from Moscow, and we were looking for a private tour guide who can speak both languages English and Russian and entertain them... read more

    thumb Kalina H

Private tours of Los Angeles in a new unique way.

At Classic Experiences, we focus on private tours in Los Angeles and Southern California that fully satisfy the emotional needs of the heart rather than the intellectual needs of the brain. That is to say, it’s no longer enough to purchase products and services as we move along in our day to day life. On the other hand, we want a story to go along with what we buy as well. It is no longer enough to see the world for what it appears to be. We want to be able to touch, taste, and experience the world for what it is by interacting and communicating with individuals in a new light. Therefore, we put together the client’s imagination, dreams, and expectations into one experience. With the use of social media, travelers often idealize and fantasize about landmarks, towns, cities, and places to visit. At Classic Experiences, we cater to these idealizations, offering a different caliber of private tours of Los Angeles that is on a whole other level. Our clients are not merely consumers or tourists; they are co-authors of the services we offer now as well as the services we will offer down the line.

Fun and exciting private tours of LA.

At Classic Experiences, you will immediately understand that we do not offer any ordinary private tours of Los Angeles but rather unique and sophisticated experiences. For example, by handcrafted storytelling, we allow you to experience LA as a native. The stories that we tell are not a list of must-dos, highlights, or fun facts about each location. These stories provoke emotion and feeling within each traveler to assist them in connecting with the people and places that Los Angeles has to offer. 
We are captivated by the storytelling, not only because we are rational human beings, but also because emotions drive us. Our highly-trained Los Angeles tour guides utilize storytelling to help our clients connect the observational reality of their own emotional life experiences. Our guides are incredibly observant of how people respond emotionally to their surroundings and others around them. The use of storytelling within the tour serves the same purpose as the use of storytelling in a book or a movie; it allows you to find meaning in your own life. During the tour, you will be just as captivated with our tour guides as you would be by watching an exciting movie or reading your favorite book.

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